3 Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

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Summer is one of the best seasons to get outside and enjoy nature with your pet. From hiking to beach excursions to strolling through outdoor town centers, your pet will love being by your side this summer. While many dogs are generally low maintenance, easy to tag along on various adventures, keep in mind they still count on you to protect and provide for their needs. Here are three tips to consider as you help your pup beat the heat this summer.

  1. Exercise your pet in early mornings or early evenings.

Plan walks with your pet when the temperatures are lower during the summer days.

Early mornings and early evenings make for pleasant outdoor excursions with your pet. The sun is much less harsh, allowing you and your furry friend to enjoy a long walk or fetch at a dog park nearby your apartment.

  1. Find shade during your outdoor adventures. 

When hiking or enjoying an outdoor dining experience, scope out shady spots for your pet to lay down and take a break. Shade provides a substantial decrease in temperature and allows your pet an opportunity to recuperate from the intense heat of the sun. Choose a shady tree to rest by during a hike or choose a table with shade for your pet to enjoy while you eat lunch. As much as you appreciate a reprieve from the blazing sun, remember your pet will too!

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

We all know how important it is for us to hydrate on hot summer days, and the same goes for our pets. During an outing bring water bottles and a cup or collapsable bowl to allow your pup to quench his/her thirst as frequently as needed. Even animals can experience heat stroke from excessive thirst and heavy panting. When returning to your apartment after some fun in the sun, fill your dog’s bowl with cool water and allow them to drink as much as needed to replenish themselves.

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